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Cabin Fever !

Cabin Fever!

Cabin Fever !

Now is the time to begin thinking about those much needed repairs to your outdoor furniture, boat interiors and recreational equipment.  Did you know that Design One, LLC, custom fabricates travel tarps for your boat?  Yes, in fact Design One specializes in fabricating to customer specifications.  And, our tarps come with a five year warranty on materials and labor.

The key to a quality travel tarp begins with the materials and threads employed in the construction of your tarp.  Design One has many of material options to choose from, from 100% Acrylic or Polyester, to polyester with a vinyl resin bonded coating.  From there it is the construction and fit of the tarp that makes a quality tarp last for many seasons.  Many times we are asked if we fabricate from the old tarps pattern or if we need an existing tarp.  At Design One, we custom fabricate to fit your project.  It is a hand in glove fit.  This is the key, to eliminate all slack and sag to minimize whip and shimmer.  The less movement you get out of your travel tarp when it is in transit the better.

Vents sewn in your travel tarp is a must for your tarp to not only breath during high humidity, but also to help equalize the pressure from draft in travel.  All vents are sewn in with a screen mesh on the underside to prevent rodents, debris or bugs from entering the enclosure.

An additional feature to our tarps is the use of Ratcheting buckles to cinch a tight fit around the rub rail of your vessel.  This does away with the frustration of having to tie elaborate knots or wrestle with getting a tight fit.


To help eliminate abrasion of your tarp and vessel, reinforced rub pads are sewn on to the underside of your tarp wherever there might be a stress point or sharp accessory.

These are just a few of the major points that make up the construction of a quality travel tarp.  Design One also fabricates custom Bimini covers and snap on cockpit and bow covers.  We also specialize in individual seat covers for your pontoon for ease of access and protection during the boating season.  So call us today and get a free quote from Wichita’s premier upholstery shop, where the fabrication and customer satisfaction is “BETTER BY DESIGN”. (316) 512-2011

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