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Missed Opportunities!

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Missed Opportunities I heard it said years ago that opportunity only comes from years of preparation! That has always stayed with me. Today we live in a welfare mentality world where it seems that many are not only looking for a handout, they actually come to expect it and somehow feel entitled to it. Unfortunately, they want the opportunity without preparation. 

Wichita Kansas – Upholstery

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Wichita Kansas – Upholstery  Upholstery Spring is here and Summer is upon us. Now is the time to get the outdoor furniture the repairs it has been needing. It is barbecuing time! Perhaps you have plans for some road trips and you’re taking your boat with you.  Are you using a recreational vehicle to travel? Do you live in the Wichita, Kansas area? Design One , LLC  is Wichita, Kansas’ one stop shop for all of your Upholstery needs.  If you’re behind on the upkeep of the interior of your boat, looking for quality travel tarp, of have a different project altogether. Design One specializes in fabricating to […]

Ponca City, Oklahoma – Upholstery

Ponca City, Oklahoma – Upholstery  Ponca City, Oklahoma Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner for some that is barbeque season. It is time to consider those much needed repairs to your outdoor furniture.  Lake Ponca Park and Kaw Lake is calling! Are you behind on the upkeep of your boat interior? Are you going to be doing some road traveling and taking your boat with you? If you’re looking to repair or upgrade your recreational vessel Design One, LLC custom fabricates travel tarps for your boat. Design One specializes in fabricating to customer specifications.  And, our tarps come with a five year warranty on materials and labor. We are proudly announcing […]

Cabin Fever !

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Cabin Fever ! Cabin Fever ! Now is the time to begin thinking about those much needed repairs to your outdoor furniture, boat interiors and recreational equipment.  Did you know that Design One, LLC, custom fabricates travel tarps for your boat?  Yes, in fact Design One specializes in fabricating to customer specifications.  And, our tarps come with a five year warranty on materials and labor. The key to a quality travel tarp begins with the materials and threads employed in the construction of your tarp.  Design One has many of material options to choose from, from 100% Acrylic or Polyester, […]

Wichita Kansas Upholstery Design One

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Are you looking for Wichita Upholstery  or are you looking for Upholstery in the Wichita area?  You have come to the right place.  Design One is recognized as Wichita Kansas Upholstery. Wichita Kansas Upholstery Design One.

Welcome To Wichita KS Upholstery (AKA) Design One : “Better By Design”

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Welcome To Wichita Ks Upholstery (AKA) Design One : “Better By Design”   Design One Welcome and thank you for expressing interest and for taking the time to stop by our home here on the web. We hope that you find our website simple and easy to use. Wichita Ks Upholstery  is the official web address for the company called Design One LLC which is a local Wichita, Ks upholstery company. Our physical location is 715 N Gow Street Wichita, Ks 67203. Feel free to stop by in person or give us a call any time (316) 469-8668.  Welcome To Wichita, Ks Upholstery (AKA) Design One : “Better […]