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Missed Opportunities!

Missed Opportunities


Missed Opportunities

I heard it said years ago that opportunity only comes from years of preparation! That has always stayed with me. Today we live in a welfare mentality world where it seems that many are looking for a handout, they actually come to expect it and somehow feel entitled to it. Unfortunately, they want the opportunity without preparation. 

Design One will soo be reaching our 3rd year of business and service to Wichita and surrounding areas. Coming to the closure of this year there is much to reflect back on and be thankful for. Through it all, in the rewards of the past and the vision for the future, I am once again reminded that the opportunities will only continue through sheer tenacity and intentional investment in “preparation” for what lies ahead. 

One of the opportunities that presented itself to Design One in our recent history is the interior on Deven Ramsey’s 2004 Toyota Tacoma. This particular project will actually be published in the November’s issue of “Street Trucks” this fall. This is exciting for Design One. In spite of the publication, the truck has gone on to win several awards at local and abroad car/truck shows, and was even at Sema in 2015. Some of the key features that Design One was responsible for was integrating the Tacoma’s custom paint scheme into the interior of the truck. Doing this was very, “subtle” (no pun intended). With the truck’s interior plastic pieces remaining factory and having to match the existing color, we elected to not only emboss the headliner with exterior design, but to transfer it to the bench seats rear panel section as well. 

In addition to the design features of the paint, Deven had the headrests shaved off the seat and the center of the bench planted with cup holders. Very nice “subtle” touch.




The door panels and the main bench seat were inserted in the white baby ostrich! Those are pictured above. These “subtle” changes and attention to detail on this slick little truck, are the hallmarks of “Subtle Perfection”. 

Thank you Deven for building with Design One!

Note: We will continue to reflect on the opportunities afford us over the past year in future posts. KEEP PREPARED!

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