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At Design One Upholstery, we cherish the stories your cherished pieces of furniture hold. We take pride and find purpose in bringing a once dull pieces of furniture back to life.

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Furniture tells a story. The recliner that has been passed down for multiple generations deserves to have its legacy continued. The DIY bench you hand crafted deserves a stunning foam cushion and custom fabric tailored to your style that highlights your hard work. The new couch you purchased with the rip from your pets needs a little patchwork to get the “brand new” feel back. No matter the piece, your furniture can be restored and made better than ever!

Restoring keepsake furniture, means restoring an age old story. For the person looking for a fresh update on their furniture- we offer custom interchangeable cushions to suit many different styles. We stand by our work with a labor and materials warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment will be worthwhile.

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