Welcome To Wichita KS Upholstery (AKA) Design One : "Better By Design" - Design One LLC

Welcome To Wichita Ks Upholstery (AKA) Design One : “Better By Design”

Design One

Welcome and thank you for expressing interest and for taking the time to stop by our home here on the web. We hope that you find our website simple and easy to use. Wichita Ks Upholstery  is the official web address for the company called Design One LLC which is a local Wichita, Ks upholstery company. Our physical location is 1350 S Ridge Road Wichita, Kansas 67209. Feel free to stop by in person or give us a call any time (316) 512-2011. 

Welcome To Wichita, Ks Upholstery (AKA) Design One : “Better By Design


Design One

We’re also an equal opportunity employer. As our work becomes more in demand so does our need for help. We are seeking anyone 18 or older if you have experience great if not that is okay to. If you are inexperienced must be punctual and willing to learn. You must be able to pass a background check which means you must come in for and apply in person

Welcome To Wichita, Ks Upholstery (AKA) Design One : “Better By Design


Design One

Design One is owned by Michael Oden out of Wichita, Ks who just recently finish a project for his local Heritage Family Church which also has just finished a phase of a current building project.  The Pastor is Jonathan Dudley the location is 3840 N Seneca St. Wichita, Ks 67204 contact number is 316.942.6652. 

Get a first hand experience of Design One’s work by visiting and sitting down on some comfortable pews! 

Sunday – Worship Service @ 2:00 

Tuesday – Bible Study @ 7:30 pm 

Thursday – Youth Service/Prayer @ 7:30 pm 


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